SAT / ACT Prep Tutoring

The competition to get into the best colleges and universities is more heated than it has ever been. The best way to ensure that your student gets into the college of his choice is to make certain that he scores as high as possible on the standardized entrance examinations such as the SAT and the ACT. These tests are the single most important criterion used by most institutes of higher education when deciding who will be offered admission. A good test preparation tutor will help your child to maximize his scores on these tests.

Getting into the right school will make it much easier to begin a chosen career path whereas not gaining admission to the right school may eliminate any possibility of pursuing certain careers. The first step to getting into the right school is to achieve a high score on the entrance exam. Achieving the highest possible score begins with properly preparing for the test. Whether the student chooses to take the SAT or the ACT, our tutors will help him prepare in the best possible manner.

Tutoring in preparation for a standardized exam includes demonstrating the proper test taking methodology using practice tests which are exactly like the real test. A test prep tutor will be able to advise a student regarding all three portions of the current SAT and ACT exams, math, verbal, and written essay. When properly trained in the correct way to take these exams by a qualified tutor, a student will achieve his maximum score and be well on his way to getting into the school of his choice and beginning the necessary path to reach his dream job.

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