Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to receive tutoring services at a neutral location instead of my residence?

Yes. We can provide tutoring services at a neutral location. Please inform us of which neutral location you are interested in receiving tutoring services at so we can approve it.

What time do the tutoring services take place?

Most of the tutoring services take place after school between the hours of 4:00pm and 9:00pm local time. However, hours are typically flexible and negotiable.

How do I schedule a session?

You may schedule a session by contact your tutor. If you are having difficulties contacting the tutor, please contact us.

Does Plus Plus Tutoring offer online tutoring?

No. We do not offer online tutoring services.

Is there a minimum number of hours the student needs to spend with the tutor each week?

No. However, a tutoring session has to be at least one hour long. You may schedule as many sessions a week as you wish.

How much does Plus Plus Tutoring charge for an hour of tutoring?

The tutoring rate varies depending on the subject and location. Please look at our tutoring rates.

How many hours a week does a tutor typically spend with the student?

The number of hours a tutor spends with the student varies on the student's needs.

Is it possible to specifically request a male or female tutor?

Yes. You can request a male or female tutor. We will take your request into consideration. However, we do not guarantee that we will provide a male or female tutor.

Are background checks run on the tutors?

Yes. We conduct background checks on all of our tutors.

What if I don't like the tutor?

If you are not satisfied with a specific tutor, we may be able to provide an alternative tutor. We may also issue refunds.

Can I pay the tutor directly?

No. Tutors are not allowed to accept direct payments.

Can I make a payment over the phone?

No. You may not make payments over the phone. We only accept online payments and payments by mail.

Can I mail cash as a payment?

We strongly prefer online payments. If you decide to

Can I get a refund if I cancel a session?

If you cancel a session within a resonable time, we will issue a refund. Please contact us or the tutor if the student is unable to attend a tutoring session.

How do I make a payment for tutoring services?

We will e-mail you the instructions on how to make a payment for tutoring services.

Does Plus Plus Tutoring also tutor college students?

We generally only tutor college students in remedial subjects. Please contact us to inquire about college tutoring services.

Does Plus Plus Tutoring also tutor adult students?

We tutor students of all ages. However, we do not generally tutor students in advanced college subjects.

Does Plus Plus Tutoring have a learning center?

No. Plus Plus Tutoring doesn't own any learning centers. All of our tutoring services occur at the student's residence or at a neutral location.

Is there a registration fee at Plus Plus Tutoring?

Yes. We charge a small $15.00 initiation fee. We will refund the fee if we do not assign you to a tutor in your area.

Once we contact Plus Plus Tutoring, how long does it take to get the tutoring services started?

It takes up to 7 business days to get the tutoring services started.

Does Plus Plus Tutoring work with students with learning disabilities?

We generally work with students with minor learning disabilities. However, we do not usually work with students with severe learning disabilities.

Are all of your tutors certified?

No. There is no standardized certification for tutors in the United States. However, we do have certified teachers working as tutors.

Does Plus Plus Tutoring offer free tutoring?

No. We do not provide free tutoring services.

Is Plus Plus Tutoring a SES provider?

Plus Plus Tutoring is a SES provider in some locations but not in others.

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