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Colleges and universities in the United States are relying more and more on standardized testing, some schools using it almost exclusively to determine who gets admitted. The ability to score high on standardized exams and tests is necessary to both graduate from high school and get accepted into a selective 4-year university. Schools, however, have a tendency to provide very little in terms of instruction in preparing for these exams and tests. A private tutor may be necessary for the student to maximize his performance on these standardized exams and ensure admittance to the college of choice.

Below is an overview of some of the standardized tests that high school students in
the United States may need to take:
State Course and Grade Exams

The EOCs (End of Course) exams are state mandated and are required by the state in order to pass the course. Failure to pass the EOC exam may result in your child being held back or not being able to graduate from high school. Some schools also require students to pass EOG (End of Grade) exams. Our tutors understand how these exams work and will be able to help your child maximize his or her performance.


AP (Advanced Placement) exams are offered at the end of the year for AP courses. Performing well on AP exams will allow your child to place out of college courses saving money in the future (sometimes several thousand dollars per exam). AP exams are graded on a 1-5 scale. In most cases a score of at least 3 is required to gain college credit as almost no colleges give credit for a score of 2. High school classes often fail to properly prepare their students for the AP exams, resulting in poor performance and failure to gain credit. Our tutors understand the material that is covered on the AP exams and will help your child increase his overall performance.


IB exams are offered at the end of the year for IB courses. IB exams are similar to AP exams in that performing well on the IB exams will allow your child to place out of college courses saving money in the future (sometimes several thousand dollars an exam). IB exams are also required in order to receive the International Baccalaureate diploma. However, many courses in schools fail to properly prepare their students for the IB exams, resulting in not receiving credit due to poor performance. IB exams are graded on a 1-7 scale. Our tutors will help your child perform well by explaining to them what material will be on the exam and how they need to prepare.


The SAT may be the single most important standardized exam in your child's life. It is the main admissions criteria for college admissions. SAT exams are also often used for college placement purposes. The SAT is graded on a 600-2400 scale with 1500 being the average score. Many colleges require an above average SAT score with more elite programs requiring scores significantly higher. If your child is preparing to take the SAT, or has previously scored lower on the SAT than desired, we can help improve his performance.


The ACT is similar, and is offered as an alternative to, the SAT. If taken, it is one of the main admissions criteria for college admissions. If your child is about to take the ACT, or scored lower than anticipated on a previous exam, we can help him better prepare for the ACT and maximize his score.


The PSAT (preliminary SAT) is a practice SAT exam that 10th graders (sophomores) in American schools take in order to get a better understanding of the SAT exam. PSAT scores are not used for college admissions nor placement. The NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) is the same test as the PSAT taken by 11th graders (juniors) with scores used to qualify students for scholarships. Performing well on the NMSQT may save the student money on college.


The GED (General Educational Development) tests are the equivalent of a high school diploma. They consist of five subject tests: Writing (two parts, grammar and an essay), Social Studies, Reading, Science, and Mathematics. In order to pass the GED, the student must pass each exam with a score of 60%. Passing the GED allows the student to attend community college programs and some 4-year universities.

All of these standardized exams are very competitive and very important. The tutors at Plus Plus Tutoring have worked with students in preparing for all of these exams. Our rates for exam prep services start at $35/hour plus a $25 one-time initiation fee. Rates may vary depending on your location.

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