College Planning

Selecting and applying to a college or university is one of the most important and demanding experiences that any student will face.

Tutors at Plus Plus Tutoring understand how the process works and how to best aid a student when they reach this point in their academic career. Our tutors will help your child decide which college is right for him and then act as a guide through the application process. The application process can be very confusing to not only high school seniors but to their parents as well. Our tutors are experts in handling the college admissions process and can help a student maximize his opportunity to get into his dream college and take the first steps down the path to his chosen career.

A few of the things that our tutors can do to help:

Recommend colleges to which the student should apply.

Analyze the chance of acceptance the student has at each university.

Make recommendations as to what to include and what to omit when filling out a college application.

Fill out paperwork necessary for enrollment into a college or university.

Demonstrate how to organize a college application to maximize the chance of acceptance.

Proofread and aid in the editing of the student's admissions essay.

Help the student decide upon a college major or minor in relation to their career choice.

College admissions have become more competitive than ever with more and more students vying for fewer places in the best programs. Many students end up getting put on a waiting list and getting deferred from their school of choice. Our tutors know what must be done in order to maximize the chances of acceptance even after a student has been placed on a waiting list.

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